Tracey Martin, Owner

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Anyone who wants to lose weight will see improvement in as little as 3 days with our program because our products are made from super-foods from around the world that heal you from the inside out.


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We are a THREE part system.  So...The FIRST part we take all natural supplements. These are going to help you with a lot of different areas. From stress, sleep, hormone balance, mood, energy, inflammation - all the things that people don’t realize go into weight loss besides just what you’re eating and if you’re exercising.  

The SECOND part is meal plans. Our meal plans are designed to train your body to use fat as a fuel source. So with the meal plan you’re going to be burning fat all day long. So the meal plan with the supplements paired together is just a powerhouse. I can’t even explain to you the impact it has.

You have a 45 day trial period to try the program RISK FREE so you can really see for yourself!! 

The THIRD part is the coaching and the support! The accountability.  You get one on one coaching-everyday-checking in making sure you are totally set up for success. The community is amazing and I love being a part of it!!

Would you like to hear more? ??? Call or text 907-209-4097, or e-mail me at Put "wellness" in the subject line.


Bachelor's in Psychology, Master's in Education: Guidance and Counseling


20 plus years in education/counseling