Sheila Skolnick, Founder and President

Position: Founder and President


Sheila Skolnick's Success Strategies Group was formed as Sheila saw that business owners needed more than one coaching session, or one workshop to be successful. Businesses needed ongoing solutions to their day-to-day issues. It’s like going to the gym on a regular basis to be strong and healthy. Your business requires the same consistent assistance to grow your business to be strong and healthy! You and your business also needs a community of other business people to share their own individual knowledge as well. You never know who in the group has the solution to your issues or growth!! Who is Sheila Skolnick: A real live raging entreprenue who has walked her talk. With over 25 plus years in business her knowledge is more than extensive. She did not only learn her knowledge only from books or lectures...... she actually IS a very successful entrepreneur. ****Sheila built a multi-million business with NO money, NO contacts, No knowledge, and in 14 years sold her company to a 6 billion dollar company! She sold products to thousands of Hotels. She also invented products such as the Iron and Ironing Board in the Guest Room Closet, Pillow and Blanket in a Zippered Bag to be put on the shelf in the closet. Sheila will teach and train others on how she built her company.

HOW TO JOIN OUR GROUP:   Go to Face Book Groups and search for Success Strategies Group jump in Click JOIN and enjoy....please leave your email so I can invite you to events!