Sharmeen Rehman, Cyber Insurance Evangelist

Position: Cyber Insurance Evangelist


BlackFire Cyber Insurance exists to help professionals and business owners create solutions towards their cybersecurity. We provide actionable solutions that allow you to make decisions by verifying potential outcomes in advance. Our services provide value and control of your cybersecurity over many years and in a variety of market conditions.  

Any business owner can stop worrying about losing their critical data with our proven cybersecurity strategies because they protect companies from financial ruin at the hands of hackers!

Services or Expertise

The central focus of BlackFire Cyber Insurance is to merge innovation with cybersecurity. We do so by combining proven principles with creative new techniques and strategies. We’re revolutionizing this sleepy industry from the inside out.

We look forward to providing multiple free, no-obligation quote & cyber risks report along with cyber education!

  • Cyber Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance/E&O
  • Tech E&O / Technology Errors & Omissions
  • Media Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Cyber Awareness Training
  • Cybersecurity Products & Solutions


I provide business owners the professional solutions – such as professional liability & cyber coverage. I focus on businesses that provide services and products to their clients via technology.  IT companies, accountants, doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, real estate firms, e-commerce business/online retailers, tech-based services like apps and virtual events, membership associations, staffing companies - all hold data that can be vulnerable to data breach and cyberattack.  Those providing services can also be liable for facing 3rd party service-based claims – and that’s where professional liability comes into rescue (they may be labeled differently such as E&O, malpractice insurance, prof liability, techE&O, etc.) 

Cyber insurance & professional liability go beyond typical general liability or commercial coverage which covers bodily injury/physical liability such as slip & fall at a place of business.  

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