Rochelle Froloff, RN - health advisor

Position: RN - health advisor


I specialize in Health and Wellness as a nurse. I want to be able to help people with their well-being.

Services or Expertise

People trust my knowledge as I am a user of the products myself. Here are the products and programs I service:
 I have 5 Direct Sales companies that I work with.  You may ask why?  Well not one company carries every product that I deem essential for our health and well-being.
1. this company produces a product for Brain Health which people forget about but is essential.  It is now opened Canada, Japan and Mexico.  Excellent product in these stressful times. There is a short video  the website after #1 is the one people can sign up on or purchase products.
2., another terrific company with Hemp Infused products as well as Coffee and Tea for weight loss.
3., a transdermal HGH product and also keto products.  Open in Hong Kong as well.

4. Nutritional Supplement Customized from your DNA. I personally have been taking this since 2008 and it has kept my immune system strong.

5.  This is the fun company a Cruise Membership open in 170 countries, terrific program, cost effective, wonderful business opportunity as well.