Rob Denning, MBA, Executive Director/Certified Field Trainer

Position: Executive Director/Certified Field Trainer


We combine high-end banking tools with cutting-edge technology and simplify the most complex financial situations into the mathematically fastest, most efficient way to turn debt into wealth, guaranteed to maximize and protect wealth by minimizing taxes, fees and interest payments! In short, we prevent people from being poor! Friends don’t let friends die broke!

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Double major in Finance and Computer Information Systems - University of Central Arkansas

Masters degree in Business Administration - University of Arkansas

Doctoral Candidate in Organizational Management- University of Phoenix

Russian Linguist and Intelligence Analyst - US Army Intelligence Corps


Army Intelligence Linguist/Analyst and Non-commissioned officer, non-medical Franchise owner, Technology Incubator Intern and Financial Analyst, Southern US Area Marketing Manager, Debt Elimination and Wealth-Building Specialist, Realtor® and Real Estate Economist.