Maria Rowley, Men's Custom Clothing Concierge

Position: Men's Custom Clothing Concierge


Offering J.Hilburn for Men...

Fit is more than a size and that a man is more than his measurements, which is why I offer J.Hilburn.

J.Hilburn is suitable for every man, no matter his lifestyle. As a J.Hilburn Master Stylist, Maria will help you navigate your options, after all, style means nothing unless it is personal. As an industry specialist working with men for many years, Maria has a broad base of experience and resources from which to draw.

Contact her, and let her show you how to extract yourself from the mire of retail. Not only will she save you time and money, but you're going to love opening your closet. Every day. There really is no better way to shop.


Your Fit | Your Style | Your Stylist

Services or Expertise

A Word from Maria:

As your Personal Stylist, I always aim to provide platinum service. From the first day I am engaged, I will make shopping for clothing a seamless experience and hopefully, a thing of your past.  The shopping experience with J. Hilburn is different:

1)     The Measuring Appointment: I will meet you at your home, office, or virtually/online at a time that is convenient for you. We will talk about your lifestyle and the type of apparel you enjoy and how you feel certain garments should fit. I will also take your measurements and assist you with selections for your first order,

2)     The Fit Appointment: Your first garments will be delivered to me directly from the factory. I will personally arrange a Fitting appointment and deliver them to you. We have a satisfaction guarantee, so this is our opportunity to talk about the finished product and lock in the measurements and styling choices.

3)     Closet Consultations: At any point in the process, it would be my pleasure to assist you in evaluating the clothing in your closet. Are you taking valuable real estate in your closet for items that should be donated, tailored, or tossed? I am also practiced as an organizer and would be happy to assist you with re-organizing your clothing and accessories.

4)     Weddings and Important Events: We recognize how these events are responsible for significant memories. I won't take that lightly. Dressing the Groom, an entire wedding party, or preparing for an important event, my mission is to help you capture those moments with your best face forward.

5)     Your Team/Special Accounts: J.Hilburn is well-positioned to offer travel attire for your athletic team or uniform attire for your staff on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire if you need a Recognition program for your team.

All my services are complimentary.  Whether you need work-from-home, business wear, casual attire, or formal attire, J.Hilburn and I have got you covered.


Completed all industry training relevant to J.Hilburn’s methods.

Certified as a J.Hilburn Master Stylist (remake rate below 3%).



Maria's years as a commercial model inspired an appreciation for apparel. Wanting to share the styles with the women she knew, she opened a business as a direct seller of clothing for Women, serving Greater Boston for over nine years. 


Seeking a way to provide the rest of the family with high-quality apparel, she soon discovered J.Hilburn. Attracted by their hands-on approach and minimal waste, J.Hilburn appealed to her values better than any company she had encountered.

So, Maria began a career as a J.Hilburn Personal Stylist and opened for business in October 2010, engaging busy and cost-conscious men in the Greater Boston area. To provide her clients with yet another level of service, she opened a studio in 2016. With a master tailor next door, it was the ultimate convenience for her clients.

A significant change in her family's life brought Maria to Palm Beach County in the spring of 2018, where she continues to offer J.Hilburn. She is looking for a team to join her in Florida. Together, they will revolutionize the way men shop, offering high-quality fabric and craft to Southeast Florida men.

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