Iris Culp, Principal

Position: Principal


I help professionals connect to their ideal audience more effectively by using data driven tools. I save them months or years of trial and error to connect to their ideal client. Then we craft a strategy that is tailored to the business priorities, based on data. That is often career transition, early-stage solopreneurship and launch as well as designing a social media footprint.

I specialize in partnering with successful leaders who are highly analytical and whose clients live on LInkedIn. I collaborate to develop a personal branding message, build a cohesive team and execute a growth strategy.


Services or Expertise

Because they know that I appreciate the fact that their situation and business has nuances. I am not afraid to lean in, learn those peculiarities, and then work to exploit those in effective ways. . While I am highly data-driven, (left brain geek side); my background has always leaned towards creative (massive right brain here!) fields of expertise. So, there is no “cookie cutter” approach in working with me. Oftentimes those highly successful individuals in the BEST (Business/Engineering/Science/Technology) gain the highest value in a coaching partnership.

Usually I serve early stage solopreneurs to articulate their value and craft messaging within a strategic plan. Once done, we collaborate to create an effective digital footprint on LinkedIn, where my clients' ideal prospects live and spend time.

I am told that I am a “no fuff” coach.I’ve known for 23 years that life is too short to spend time on anything less than brass tacks honesty. I’m never brutal. I care; just don’t wish to waste time. I am not for everyone. My firm focuses on successful individuals who want to get more done in less time by using data driven tools.