Step 1 – Learn to Un-Clique

The only way your personal network is going to grow is to reach out and meet new people. But, our struggle is we like to hang out with the people we know and are comfortable with. But, challenge yourself to reach out and introduce yourself.

The Epic Business Connections give you the easiest way to do that. We encourage on every virtual meeting on Zoom for people to leave their contact information in the chat. We encourage everyone on the calls to be active in asking for a 1-on-1 meeting and to be gracious and receive all of the invitations they receive. And, with the new tools we are creating for our members, it is even easier. The site is perfect for reaching out to other people inside the site.

So, make a commitment to make at least 5 new connections this week. Think about it second, if you reached out to only 5 people a week, you will have expanded your personal network by 250 people this year.

5 Steps of Becoming a Networking Superstar

Over the next few days I will share 5 steps to becoming a great networker. Here’s a start:
Don’t just join a networking group, become active and participates as much as you can. Become a resource to the people in the group. And, partiicipate to become noticed!

Slow and Steady Wins the Networking Race

Relationship networking is about consistency and reliability; consistently meeting new people and reliably following up with the folks you have met. It’s about developing relationships with referral partners who can provide a steady stream of income far into the future- the opposite of the fast hit.

Don’t EVER Give Up… Just like anything else worthwhile in life.

  • Real networking is all about relationship building, and that takes time!
  • The investment payoff will come over time and in many ways.
  • The most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when you are overtaken by temporary defeat.

While you are building relationships and patiently nurturing your crops, there are many great benefits along the way.

A really good networking group provides a business education that is not taught in school. I am always learning lots of really great and useful things from my networking brothers and sisters. I learn things about life, living, real estate, technology, marketing and the list goes on and on.

I am always looking to sharpen my skills and I use meetings to practice. I am always learning how to become a better farmer.

Some of my closest and dearest friends have come from networking. Networking when done right really enriches you in many ways.