Tell Your Story

A mentor was having coffee with with her protege, and she said she wanted to share this incredible story:
She was recently at an event and met another CEO. She wanted to get her foot in the door for business. She walked up to the CEO and pitched him, to which he immediately suggested she go online and fill out a formal vendor application. She said, “No. Let me tell you my story.”
Forty-five seconds later, the CEO said, “I will give you all of my business.”
What did she do?
He told his story–about how she went from being a teenager with nothing to building a seven-figure marketing agency.
What did that story do? It showed a few things:
  • It showed she was a real person with a shared experiences
  • It showed she was successful because of her skills and determination
  • It showed that because of her experience, she would care for her client and his success
Tell your story. You will be stunned how many people you will meet who have the most incredible zero-to-champion stories, and then go to their website and it looks and sounds and acts like everyone else’s in their space. They are missing the human connection.
Tell your story–not the story you think everyone wants to hear. That’s how you stand out, I promise.

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