Learn to Listen

Want to know one of the best networking hacks in the world?
Most of us know this from our parents and from school. We just forget to use that skill in the business world.
As you find yourself in the high-energy, ambitious world of entrepreneurship, it is astounding how much people will divulge when you show them you are genuinely interested in and listening to what they’re saying. People are so used to being met with the feeling of “I’m waiting for you to finish speaking so I can talk again” that when someone comes along who listens intently to every word they say, they just keep going and going and going–and, going back to No. 1, they see you as a friend. They trust you, and feel safe sharing with you who they are.
People with knowledge tend to hold back what they know under the presumption that you aren’t really interested in what they have to say. But if you listen, genuinely listen, and show not only your interest but your appreciation, they will share. They will share everything they know, and then some. So not only is this a learning opportunity for you, but it becomes one of the fastest ways to make friends and build an incredible network.
They will respect you because you have the patience and maturity to actually listen

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