Give, Give, Give…

Networking hack: Give 10x more than everyone else.
Whenever you meet someone new, your first thought is not, “What can I get out of this person?”

Your first thought is, “How can I help this person?”

Whenever you help someone reach a goal, make a connection, overcome an obstacle, etc., you are doing so many important things for that relationship. You are establishing a friendship. You are showing your willingness to invest in him or her first. You are showing your value. And you are building trust.

When people immediately ask for something from someone they just met, a very different precedent for the relationship is established. Immediately, the other party knows that they are nothing more than a steppingstone–and nobody likes to feel like that.

Give first. Give, give, give… and then give some more.

From a mentality standpoint, this is also extremely helpful in the long run. It’s never good to be so reliant upon the kind gesture of someone else. You want to be able to stand on your own two feet. If something comes from the relationship, great. If not, all good, too. 

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